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From: Wilhelm Kaiser
Paolo Cavazzas picture -this time no mountains, no phantastic stars- is indeed a really typical "Cavazza". Well composed, quite expression, perfect exposure/light, yes, also with a special lazy erotic touch, well done. -And always again that shaking optical sharpness of that Arsat-lens. This picture "tells" a story about this -for the ladies- "boring hobby of these gents, who are all young children....."
11/03/01 14:23
From: Paolo Cavazza
I'd like to thank the people who voted for my picture: I didn't expect so much appreciation. I was intrigued by the nice light and the disconsolate attitude of the two girls - it was about 4pm, with no more visitors in sight, and they were obviously thinking "Another two hours to go like this". About Leonard's amusing remark, I can only say I didn't see anything erotic in that scene at the moment, but in the picture the legs of the lady at right are an obvious eye-catcher; it was unintentional. I think that all the pictures in this exhibit are remarkable, especially the action shots. My favourite one is "Victory!" by Kevin, expressive and very well composed.
10/03/01 06:49
Here is the story behind these two images: I have asked my daughter Lexi, "Can you show us, that you caught this man as your husband?" To demonstrate this, she used her veil(image one). Reggie responded, "No, I caught You, Lexi". Lexi's answer was, "Did You Really?" (image two). I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN, as do our friends looking at our 500+ wedding images.
10/02/01 11:10
From: Simon Cygielski
Nobuyuki Watanabe rules! The other stuff is nice too, esp. Michel Zayet's.
10/02/01 03:39
From: Leonard Flanagan
Paolo, your picture is wonderful. I could become a foot fetishist looking at that black high heel! Great work!
10/01/01 19:22

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