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From: Alvin Light
I really like the exhibit. Especially the black and white of Bernard Cole.
12/26/03 08:28
From: Nathalie BOSVIEL
je trouve les photos de michel ZAYET formidables ...elles lui ressemblent!!!!Exige de la patience de la précision de la perfection.......Veulent tout dire en un seul mot!! NGB
12/21/01 16:29
From: Wilhelm Kaiser
I vote for "Warmth of autumn". Kevin, you have always again a phantastic eye for these sometimes hidden beautiful arts in nature. Who will talk about manipulating in computer-lab for making an "artistic"-photograph... Kevin shows shows that it can be so easy to do it in the natural way. Thank you for sharing it!
12/15/01 16:35
From: Django
I like Mr Kevin Ing's "Fallen Gold." One child in a lot of fallen leaves. Very poetic. You really have a nice sense of making good pictures. Thank you.
12/09/01 09:33
From: Kathe
Kevin, I love "Fallen Gold"!! There were some beautiful pictures in this exhibit, but as I look at "Fallen Gold", I want so many things....I want to be the little child, whose life appears uncomplicated and full of wonder...I want to experience a fall as beautiful as that one...I want to take pictures like that!!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!
12/01/01 17:07
From: Leonard -- to Alberto
Lots of nice work. Alberto, I am very curious about the strange artifacts in the sky on the "fog" shot. The look something like an artifact I can coax out of an old 35mm f2 Takumar, but then only one at a time. You have three or four in view! Have you investigate the source of these? Are they from the lens? Do they appear when wide open only? Can you change the orientation or position of them? They really add some mystery to the shot!
12/01/01 16:25
From: Paolo Cavazza
Yes, quality and variety of this second exhibit is truly impressive, and I had some problem choosing a picture to vote. My heart beats for Rick Denney's image, but I eventually voted for something I can't usually "see": the striking composition of Kevin's "Warmth of Autumn". Congratulations and apologises to all the others!
12/01/01 05:03
From: Kevin
Welcome to the 2nd Kievaholic Online Photo Exhibit! "Warmth" proved to be quite difficult to find in November. But I'm very impressed with the quality and variety of photos that came out, considering the difficulty of the theme. Congratulations to everyone who participated! (^_^)
12/01/01 04:31

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