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From: eef sluiter
the sunset was most impressesive and next time i hope to ad some shots for the next exibition
02/18/02 13:14
From: Gerard J; Delacroix
Michel Zayet 2nd shot is my favorite and especially the bay watcher last in the row. I think I already met this "vahin".
02/02/02 04:49
From: Darka
Miha! Čestitke tvojim "toplim" fotografijam! Pozdrav od Darke
02/01/02 14:06
From: roman rohleder
"Druschba" to all Kievaholics... :-) Joe`s picture is my favourite. What about starting a K-Group at yahoogroups? Kevin? Beste Gruesse, Roman
01/25/02 20:09
From: WATANABE Nobuyuki
Hello, Kevin and all kievaholics. I am looking forward to the exhibition always. I think that this exhibition is a wonderful plan. I am favorite Joe Shupienis and Markus Czekalla's pictures in this time. I think that even I want to participate in the next time too.
01/22/02 20:51
From: Gaetano M. Piscopo
Hi Kevin, your site is really a great deal for all Kiev users, almost challenge for us. Sometimes I used to read and take part in the Delphi Forum, but since a long time I find many things that have nothing to do with our researh inside our "object" (the camera) or outside, in the world of photography. I think this is the place where we can concentrate on what we really need, technical and expressive developing. Escuse me for my English, it's not so sharp and rich of "nouances". Thanks for your work. Gaetano
01/22/02 09:01
From: Paolo Cavazza
Well, I'm quite embarassed about being mentioned by Kevin as the inspirer of his entry... But the pictures, once again, are really very nice. I voted for the other special moment recorded by Michel Zayet - almost better than "Baywatch", isn't it?
01/22/02 07:59
From: Kevin
Welcome to the third Kievaholic Online Exhibit! I have to admit that I'm quite embarrassed about really being IN this exhibit. (^_^;)
01/22/02 04:16

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