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10/20/02 11:25
From: Ron Tincher (Ky. Mountains)
I have a Kiev 88cm and a Nikon LS4500af scanner which does a great job. I'm hooked on my Kiev! Great Pictures, may i can submitt when I've taken a few worthy frames...
06/08/02 05:22
From: Steve Kompier
Thank you Kevin and all who voted for my Lander 2. We are all winners by having discovered the "joys" of owning and using Kievs. I'm looking forward to the next exhibit.
05/07/02 11:01
From: Kevin
Congratulations to Steve Kompier! After two weeks, his "Lander 2" photograph received the most votes and he is now the proud(?) owner of a set of Arsenal 2002 calendar cards!
05/06/02 04:39
From: Paolo Cavazza
Before the opening, I was thinking I had a couple of good pictures... but Steve's "Lander" is TOO good. It's an example of a kind of photography I tried several times with much less success. Just a note about my pictures: perspective is deceptive. The lights at right are those of a town about two miles away, while those at left are three hundred yards from the camera location. They had been installed during winter and were a bad surprise; I had to decrease the brightness of that area after scanning. The dark area in front of them is a parking lot. These pictures are from a series shot at five minutes intervals, which could be viewed as an animated sequence; unfortunately, I moved the camera before the 8:00 exposure, and fish-eye distortion prevents an exact match between the last picture and the previous ones. I owe Rick Denney the discovery that a fish-eye can be used just like a super-wideangle, with little visible distortion, when used carefully.
04/25/02 17:51
From: Kevin
Dear Kevin, It seems to me the exhibit is just as successful as previous ones by the number of participants and quality of material proposed. But it also seems you can hardly annouce "Night" as a new theme now. Bravo to Paolo for his captivating shots.
04/24/02 05:16
From: Leonard Flanagan
I voted for Sherman Dunnam's barn interior. Difficult lighting, pulled off well. Like the rafters. Is this a straight print? I liked the Lander pic, too (scan seems to have some digital sharpening artifacts -- I'm sure it's better in person.)
04/21/02 16:40
From: Kevin
Welcome to the Fifth Kievaholic Themed Exhibit -- Light!

Good luck to all the entrants! (^_^)

04/21/02 00:50

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