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From: Tom Perry (DutyRD)
Mike Katona, I see you are still into black & white. The photo monkey you put on my back in San Fran in 1962 is still along for the ride. Good luck, Shipmate.
06/03/04 16:02
From: Peter Murphy
Michel, I like your photo of the Samovars. The colour and texture are well represented, and there's no way you can judge the size, adding curiosity value to your picture. Set against the derelict background, they seem somehow to have survived destruction, and they emanate strength in consequence. Peter
07/16/02 07:09
From: Paolo Cavazza
Sam, I searched for biographical data about Kent Taylor and I understand why you didn't mention the title of his last film! I read about some of his last movies in the infamous "The Golden Turkey Awards" by the Medved brothers... Anyway his picture is a very nice portrait, one of the best I've seen recently, and a little piece of movie history.
07/09/02 11:47
From: Kevin
Welcome to the Sixth Kievaholic Themed Exhibit - Old! (^-^)

07/08/02 09:34

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