45mm - 65mm Wide Angle Lens - Film Test

Because of the surprising and controversial results of the wide angle lenses when used on a Canon D-SLR, I conducted a test of these lenses again, but this time on film with Fuji Provia 100F and Velvia 100. I also added to the lens line up, a 45mm Mir-26 in Kiev 88 screw mount (which was used on my Kiev 88CM with a mount adapter) and a Carl Zeiss Oberkochen T* 50mm F4 Distagon for Hasselblad.

The set up was a Gitzo 407L with a Graf Studioball head and Wimberley Arca-type quick release clamp. The camera was my Kiev 88CM with a two fully tested NT film backs that have delivered good results for over three years now. The focusing screen in the camera was an plain #42204 AcuteMatte D screen, and I used a Hasselblad waist level finder and its loupe for focusing. The same Hasselblad compendium shade was used on all lenses and the shutter was fired with a cable release. Between shots the camera was only touched to change lenses and focus. The same focus point was used for all shots, and each lens was focused individually instead of relying on its infinity mark.

One shot was taken with each lens at a fixed aperture-shutter speed combination. I.e., the first run was at F11 at 1/8 second. I shot each lens with that setting, going in this order: 45mm Mir (C mount), 45mm Mir (B mount), 50mm Flektogon, 55mm PCS Arsat, 60mm Curtagon, 65mm Flektogon, 65mm Mir. Then I shot the next exposure setting of F8 at 1/15 with each lens in turn. The average time between shots was about 30 seconds to 1 minute... the time needed for me to switch lenses, mount the shade, and focus.

The 50mm Distagon (T* coated CF non-FLE version) was used on a Hasselblad 500C/M. The Hasselblad shots were all done at once before I put the Kiev on the tripod. It was mounted via the same Arca-type plate and the same compendium shade was attached. The lens was also focused using the waist level finder and the shutter was tripped with a cable release. MLU was not used.

These test include shots with the lenses wide open (the wide open test does not include the 45mm Mir in Kiev 88 screw mount nor the 65mm Mir), and also at F8 and F11. Smaller apertures than F11 were not tested.

------ Results coming soon! ------


All text and images Copyright © 2004 - Kevin Ing