Kiev Brochure Scans - Arsenal factory
Thanks to Michel Zayet for the scan!

Arsenal factory brochure

Text transcribed from the brochure:

"Arsenal" State Enterprise

The "Arsenal" State Enterprise was founded in 1764, as military artillery state enterprise of Kyiv garrison. After 1917 the works, beside military engineering, produced an agriculture equipment, instruments, domestic goods, and since 1947 - photo cameras.

In 1954 the aircraft shooting sights production has started here. After foundation of Central designer bureau the works was manufacturing the selfdesigned products. Initially these were cameras, building levels, theodolites, quadrants. Then own projects in military industry appeared. Up to middle of 1970s there were manufactured various shooting sights for aviation (installed on fighters MIG-17, -19). Then there were built the units which automatically solve the task of aiming of machine-gun and cannon aircraft weapons and precise bombing (installed on all types of destroyers-bombers, designed by Mikoyan and Sukhoy design bureaus). Analogic devices were produced for helicopters designed by Kamov and Mil bureaus.

At present time works has almost fifty years experience in of optical and electronic systems (orientation, measuring and supervision) dedicated for operation both in laboratory and hard field conditions.

The devices, which were created here, successfully supported all cosmic launches, starting from the flight of Yuriy Gagarin.

Due to Astronauts training centre order the "Arsenal" has developed and made simulators for training of orbital stations crews.

The enterprise has developed manufacturing infrastructure, which includes both basic processes (casing, punching, galvanic, mechanical processing) and high technology production of optical elements, assembling of precision optical, mechanical and electronic units.

The works also performs maintenance, warranty and general servicing of products and fulfills orders for the works using up-to-date technologies.

(I've tried to transcribe this word for word, letter for letter. However, the scan was not so clear and it contains some specialized terms and names I am not familiar with. Please excuse any errors... or better yet, please let me know of any errors!)


August 2, 2001