Kiev Sales Brochure Scans - Kiev 88, Page 3
Thanks to Michel Zayet for the scan!

Brochure page 3

Text transcribed from the brochure:

Flexibility and quality for the most challenging assignments.

The Kiev 88 is a modular camera ideally suited for the photographer who strives for artistic and technical excellence with every shot. The lenses are products of a Soviet industry renowned for its expertise in aerospace optics. They are available in focal lengths from 30mm to 250mm and rank among the finest in the world. The camera's brilliant viewfinder, precision focal plane shutter, interchangeable 6x6cm and 6x4.5cm roll film magazines, instant proofing back and other accessories provide the flexibility to handle almost any assignment--without frills or gadgets to complicate its operation, or your result. And best of all, the Kiev 88 is offered at an affordable price.


Last update: July 13, 2001