Kiev Sales Brochure Scans - Kiev 88, Page 5
Thanks to Michel Zayet for the scan!

Brochure page 5

Text transcribed from the brochure:

A standard of optical excellence.

Outstanding performance is the hallmark of the eight Kiev lenses. Space-age optics technology, premium-grade glasses, exclusive coating formulas and timeless old-world craftsmanship are the ingredients for these extraordinary professional products. The special glasses, noted for their purity, are fused from sands of the fabled Karelian White Sea and rare earths of the rugged Ural mountains in the Soviet Union. Each lens element is ground and polished with meticulous care to exacting tolerances. And sophisticated seven-layer dielectric coatings are vacuum-deposited on glass-to-air surfaces to reduce internal reflection, increase transmission efficiency and enhance contrast. Resulting photographic images are of breathtaking quality, exquisite in their definition, luminance and color fidelity.


Last update: July 13, 2001