Kiev Sales Brochure Scans - Kiev 88, Page 6
Thanks to Michel Zayet for the scan!

Brochure page 6

Text transcribed from the brochure:

Interchangeable 6x6cm and 6x4.5cm roll film magazines.

A choice of two 120 roll film magazines lets you work with either 6x6cm or 6x4.5cm formats, whichever is most appropriate to your composition. 6x6cm provides a slightly larger negative and allows more latitude for cropping. On the other hand, 6x4.5cm optimizes the use of negative area in relation to standard enlargement sizes and offers 33% more exposures per roll. You can switch betweeen 12- and 16-exposure magazines or to the instant proofing back in just seconds without losing a single frame, because both magazine feature an interlock to prevent accidental fogging. Film advance and frame counter are coupled to the shutter wind.


Last update: July 13, 2001