FAQ - Kiev 60

Is the Kiev 60 more reliable than the Kiev 88?
Many people will tell you that the Kiev 60 is a more reliable camera than the Kiev 88. It has mainly to do with the Kiev 60's lack of interchangeable film backs. This makes for a simpler camera which is less prone to problems.

That is not to say that ALL Kiev 60's are less problematic than ALL Kiev 88's. With either camera model, you can end up with a lemon.

How can I solve Kiev 60 frame spacing problems?
The Kiev 60 was derived from the Kiev 6C which in turn was derived from the Pentacon Six... a camera that was notorious for having a poorly designed film advance mechanism. While the Kiev 60 mechanism has been improved, some cameras still suffer from frame spacing problems.

If you are having frame spacing problems, your first line of attack should be to make sure that you are loading film into the camera properly. Matt Chroust's site has a good section on properly loading film into a Kiev 60.

If proper film loading is not the issue, then the next course of action should be to undertake Russ Hippert's Kiev 60 Kalibration.

Will the Kiev 60 accept all lenses meant for the Pentacon Six?
Yes. (For once we have a short and simple answer!)


Last update: November 15, 2002
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