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Some people are skeptical about what kind of pictures we can take with our Kiev cameras. Have a look through our Kievaholic Photo Gallery and decide for yourself whether or not Kievs are capable of taking beautiful pictures.

Photographer Image Title, Comments and Photo Data
Brent Arrison
Don's Barn (102KB)
Taken on Memorial Day weekend on Sunday morning (10am).
Kiev 88cm and Telear-5 250mm F5.6. 800iso F32.
Pierre-Yves Bagur
Door of Paradise (103KB)
On Sunday, the people go to the church.
Gennes sur Seiche, Brittany, France
Kiev 60, Arsat 80mm/2.8, TXmax 400, 1/250s f8 and scanned by Agfa
Eylmer Bartolome
San Francisco Plantation (101KB)
Kiev 88, 65mm Mir-3
Orchids (115KB)
Kiev 88, 80mm MC Volna-3
Brian Bednarek
Mantis (35KB)
Kiev 60, using HP5+ and extention tubes... no exposures recorded.
White Church 1 (44KB)
Kiev 60, Konica IR film.
Mark Bennett
Red Riding Hood (107KB)
Kiev 88 with normal lens, 400asa Fuji film, probably f16
Green Man (49KB)
Kiev 88 with normal lens, 400asa Fuji film, probably f16
Bruno Boeni
Green Garden (167KB)
Paolo Cavazza
Lila (47KB)
This portrait of my youngest cat is a detail from a 6x4.5 B/W frame, "hand painted" with PSP.
Kiev 88 with Vega 90/2.8 (1981), 1/30s at f/11. Studio flash lighting, Kodak T-Max 100.
Mont Cenis, May 2001 (138KB)
The dried bed of the Lake of Mont Cenis, French Alps, on the late afternoon of May 27, 2001. The level of the water decreased several meters this winter.
Kiev 88 with Mir-26 45/3.5, 1/60s at f/16. Fuji Provia 100F
You can see more of Paolo's work at his Shuttercity gallery.
Bernard Cole
Angel of the Desert (52KB)
Kiev 60, 80mm lens. F16 on Kodak 400iso portrait film.
Sunwalk (102KB)
Midas (35KB)
Warmth 1 (103KB)
Roger Elliott
Untitled (68KB)
This flower is quite common to California, but I'm not sure what it is.
Taken with a 65mm lens with a macro attachment on my Kiev 60. Kodak Provia 160 VC
Untitled (153KB)
30mm Arsat fisheye on my Kiev 60. Kodak Provia 160 VC. Gotta' start writing down f-stops and speeds, but sometimes I'm too interested in the scene to think about such details.........
Rob Faucher
Sunset in Harold Parker State Park, North Andover, Masschusetts
Kiev 88, 80mm f2.8, Ilford FP4
North Andover (100KB)
Trees in North Andover, Masschusetts
Kiev 88, 80mm f2.8, Kodak Porta VC 160
More of Rob's work can be found on his Kiev 88 Color Photography page.
Mauro Gallinari
Untitled (68KB)
Ecco due mie immagini realizzate con la Kiev 88.
Kiev 88
Untitled (85KB)
Ecco due mie immagini realizzate con la Kiev 88.
Kiev 88
Maciej Gwiazda
Golden Polish Autumn (226KB)
Kiev 88 CM , Biometar 80mm/2,8 and Fuji 400
David Haardt
Mainsquare (63KB, external link)
Kiev-88CM, PCS Arsat 4.5/55 at full shift, 1/125 at f/11, Ilford HP5 Plus 400, toned with Paint Shop Pro
Pentti Hakkarainen
Bisse (62KB)
Kiev 60, Arsat 80mm/2.8, Kodak EPP 100, 1/126s f16
Boy (39KB)
Kiev 88 TTL, Arsat 80mm/2.8, Ilford Delta 100 Pro, 1/15s
Boat (90KB)
Kiev 60, Arsat 80mm/2.8, Kodak EPP 100, 1/126s f16
Hans Hockx
Untitled (23KB)
This picture was taken in the old town centre of Schiedam. This is the area where all the Jenever distilleries used to be (there are only a few of them left these days).
Kiev 60, Arsat 80mm on Kodak Tri-X 400ASA
Untitled (18KB)
This building is the Schiedam office of the company that lifted the Russian Koersk submarine from the bottom of the sea. Picture shot in the afternoon with the sun right behind the building.
Kiev 60, Arsat 80mm on Ilford HP5 400ASA
Kevin Ing
Yuriko - October 14, 2001 (65KB)
Black and white portrait
Kiev 88CM, Carl Zeiss Jena 180mm MC Sonnar on a short extension tube plus red filter. Ilford XP2 Super at about 1/60sec F4
Lotus #4 (63KB)
One blossom of many from a single 2,000 year old lotus seed
Kiev 88CM, 180mm MC Sonnar. Fuji Provia 100F 1/60sec F5.6
Last Blossom (61KB)
As Spring neared its end, a cherry blossom tree tenderly held on to one last blossom.
Kiev 88CM, Kaleinar 150mm with 48mm+19mm extension tubes. Fujichrome Astia 1/125sec F4
More of Kevin's photography is in his personal photo gallery.
Brandon Jackson
Untitled (47KB)
Photo taken with 88CM and 180 2.8 Sonnar. Ilford HP5+, 1/125 sec at f 8.0. 52" Westcott reflector to the right of the camera for fill. Location: Our back yard.
Untitled (31KB)
Kiev 88 with 150mm Kiev lens. Fuji RDP 100. 1/30th sec at 5.6. Lighing: 1 White Lightning 5000 strobe in a 45" umbrella to camera left. Background is a translucent 52" reflector with another WL 5000 behind for high key effect.
Untitled (24KB)
Kiev 88 with 150mm Kiev lens. Ilford FP4, 1/30th at f8.0. Norman 800 pack with 22" pan reflector. Background is 9' wide seamless paper lit with two White Lightning 5000 strobes.
Wilhelm Kaiser
A total new feeling! (35KB)
When my 5-year-old daughter had finally the courage to hold a little goat in a zoological garden on her arms, she was totally overwhelmed by that new feeling. "Such a small animal, and so much life!" She was sooo happy! (Pic!!)
Kodacolor Gold 100, Cosina 1000S (M42), Jupiter 9 (2/85), f5,6/250.sec.
A new vibration! (40KB)
Since such a long time my daughter had seen and heard her mother's playing violin. Suddenliy she said: "Let me also try it!" And she took that instrument, and began to play as on a violoncello!! After some testing-tones she begun to bow a rythm and begun to sing! Heavens!
Kodacolor Gold 100, Cosina 1000S, Jupiter 9 (2/85), flash against the ceiling (indirect), f 5,6/125.sec.
Kevin Kalsbeek
Zero (37KB)
Here is a completely original Japanese Zero taxiing back to the ramp after a demo flight.
Zenit-12XP with a 200mm Jupiter-21M at about f8
Untitled #94 (152KB)
Kiev 60 with 80mm Arsat, exposure approx. 1/125 at f8 - spotmetered with old Soligor spotmeter. Shot on 400 Delta Pro at EI200 developed in PMK pyro - about N-1.
Mike Katona
Skull (16KB)
Kiev 60 80mm Volna f16 1/4 sec. Arista 125 in HC110 "B"
Waterfall (106KB)
Kiev 60 80mm Volna f16 1/4 sec. Arista 125 in HC110 "B"
Claudio 1 (37KB)
Kiev 60 180mm Sonnar f8 1/250 sec. Arista 400 in HC110 "B"
Steve Kompier
Outhouse (149KB)
Kiev 88, Arsat 80/2.8, TMAX 100 F16 1/125
Rocks (129KB)
Kiev 88, Arsat 80/2.8, TMAX 100
Chuck Kotsch
Boo (47KB)
Boo is my 3 year old helper. She likes to help by carrying film off to far places from where I am.
Kiev 88CM, 120mm on Kodak Portra 160NC film
Out Back (105KB)
Kiev 88CM, 80mm on Kodak Portra 160NC film
Steve Levit
Gone Fishing (98KB)
I took this photo while walking around in bush wildlife center here in St. Louis. I was taken by the small image of a father and son just sitting and fishing.
Kiev 88CM on tripod with 80mm lens and B&W polarizing filter. Kodak PRO 400 1/250sec F8
Hallmark (82KB)
This one was also taken at Bush Wildlife. I thought the scene was just too much mom and apple pie. Just like a Hallmark card, wholesome.
Kiev 88CM on tripod with 80mm lens. Kodak PRO 400
Jari Mattila
Stairs on the Wall (144KB)
Kiev 88 and the lens Volna 80mm. Film is Fuji Velvia.
Underground (110KB)
Kiev 88 with Zodiak 30mm fisheye. Film: Fuji Velvia.
Jeff Meyer
Killer Flower (27KB)
88CM, 80mm lens on 160 Fuji outdoor film.
Melanie Kitchen 2 (31KB)
88CM, 150 Kalenair on Fuji 160 indoor film.
Sunset Kiev 3 (28KB)
88CM and Jupiter 250 lens on Fuji 160 indoor film -- This gave the enhanced blue in the sky.
Daniel Nardin
Au lac blanc (56KB)
French Alps
Kiev 6S and 30mm lens
Olli Oilinki
Portrait of my brother (131KB)
Tuira at night (117KB)
Thomas Seifert
Untitled (83KB)
The small river Schwillach in Bavaria, Germany
Kiev 60, Volna 2.8/80, with Fuji Neopan 400 prof.
Untitled (72KB)
A farm in the Erdinger Moos near Munich Airport, Germany
Kiev 60, Volna 2.8/80, with Fuji Neopan 400 prof.
Tempus Fugit (66KB)
Sam Sherman
Goosewings (54KB)
400MM f6.3 Lentar lens on Hartblei-upgraded standard Kiev 88 with twist and lock mount. Ilford XP2 - 1/250 at f11
Seagull (79KB)
150MM Hartblei MC f2.8 lens on Kiev 60. Film- Fuji Superia color negative - exposure - 1/250th sec. at f8 scanned in on Umax Astra 2200 scanner.
Actress Ann Rutherford (11KB)
Taken at the Cinecon convention in Hollywood at the Egyptian Theatre (9/02)
Black Kiev 88, 90MM f2.8 Vega lens - Vivitar 1900 flash on Fuji Superia 100 film. Exposure - 1/30 at f8
Fish (13KB)
In a tank in Fish House Vera Cruz Restaurant in Temecula, California
Black Kiev 88, 90MM f2.8 Vega lens - exposure 1/30 (no flash) at f2.8 on Fuji Superia 100 film.
After the Storm (22KB)
Taken at Murrieta, California
Black Kiev 88 and 90MM f2.8 Vega lens - exposure 1/125th at f5.6 on Fuji Superia 100 film.
Maxim Smolkin
Untitled (96KB)
Kiev 88 with Volna-3 on Agfa APX400 film
WARNING: Image contains nudity
Untitled (17KB)
Kiev 88 with Volna-3 on Agfa APX400 film
Perry Tourtellotte
Horses at Sunset (160KB)
This photo was taken in early January- maybe even New Years in 1996. I find that contrails are very dramatic during cold weather. It is a historic photograph now since the horses are gone, the fences taken down. But the jumps are still there. There is a small stream running through the pasture which the horses would muddy up causing run off into the lake.
Kiev 15 37mm lens with orange filter film Ilford XP-2
Indian Summer (134KB)
Kiev 88 and 45mm lens film Kodak Color Print 160
Nobuyuki Watanabe
Shinjuku - October 31, 1999 (32KB)
Kiev 4, Jupiter-12 35mm F2.8
Shinjuku - October 27, 1999 (39KB)
Kiev 4, Jupiter 8M 50mm F2
Jeff Wiseman
MD1 (78KB)
Michael Dale, my nephew.
Salyut-S, 90mm Vega, Portra 160NC, f4 @ 500
School19 (45KB)
Shot taken from an old school
Salyut-S, Kalenar 150mm, f16 @ 1sec, TMax400
Michel Zayet
Saint Michael Monastery in Kiev (57KB)
An incredible thing happened -- on the negative I have both the roofs... and the entrance door to the monastery! I really can't explain it.
Kiev 6-C with B&W Svema 65asa (Ukrainian made film), Vega 90mm lens. F5.6 1/125sec.
WDLD, MCM, Provence 2001 (39KB)
Kiev 88 CM, CZJ Flektogon 4/50mm, Kodak Portra 400NC, 1/250 at F8.


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