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Jayson Addison Twix (234KB)
The "fun time" is in the fact that this was the first time I had ever used a studio. Seemed a shame to stop shooting just o eat.
Kiev 88, 80mm lens, White paper backdrop, 1/30th @ F8 or F11, Bowens flash with large Softbox, bendow trekker tripod and partner to press button as this is a self portrait.
Brent Arrison Chessgame (134KB)
One of the girls want to have her picture taken with her Birthday Gift From me
Taken in studio shot with 3 light one bare bulb on fuji nph400
Guy Clark Laura on Miami Beach 3 (98KB)
P6 mount K88 and the Sonnar 180mm F/2.8 lens. I believe I used a polarizer, and all were shot on Ekatachrome 100 film at/near Haulover Beach, Miami, FL.
The Chicago Brass Band (155KB)
P6 mount K88 and 30mm Arsat fisheye, a Metz CT45-5 flash, and Fujicolor 400 film. Shot at the Northbrook Public Library recital hall.
Wilhelm Kaiser Untitled (88KB)
The Kiev4 as snapshot-camera. Jupiter-8M (2/50), f:5,6/250sec, Agfacolor 100.
"Funtime?" - School-starting-day (40KB)
In Germany (and surely also in other countries) children get for the first walking to school solid bags full of sweets.... - If that helps???
Kiev4, Jupiter-11 (4/135), f:11/250mm, Kodak Gold 400.
Mike Katona Homecoming (113KB)
Kiev 60, 80mm Arsat. f11 @ 1/60 Vivitar 385 Arista 400 in Kodak HC110 "B"
Donald Lush Pumpkins (41KB)
Kiev 88 with Vega 90mm lens. Film: Agfa Optima 200 colour negative exposed at 250th of a sec at f11.
Jeff Meyer Melanie And A Light Meter (130KB)
This theme was a hard one for me to find a subject on. I won an Ebay auction for a collection of old light meters. My kids were completely amazed with how they worked, and so we took them outside, each had the same type, the collection included duplicates (thank God!). We had a great afternoon measuring light all around!
Konica 160 film, my 88cm and the standard 80mm lens
Kids And Light Meters (112KB)
Kiev 60 and a CZJ 65mm zebra lens.
Daniel Nardin Grouper (78KB)
Thomas Seifert The Fun Machine (113KB)
Taken on Munich Oktoberfest 2002, the world's largest fair.
Kiev 60 with Kaleinar 2.8/150 on Agfa Optima II 400 Professional
Unbelievable (116KB)
Taken on Munich Oktoberfest 2002, the world's largest fair.
Kiev 60 with Kaleinar 2.8/150 on Agfa Optima 200 Professional
Michel Zayet Parc Sollier, 12:00 am (KB)
The picture is upside down. Upon 180 degrees rotation you can see the bank of the pond. Water increased distorsion. From the heart of Luberon region. Not just fun but great times.
Nikomat FT2, Arsenal Mir 20, Fujifilm.

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