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From: Paolo Cavazza
Hi everybody. Some troubles of various kind prevented me to submit an entry this time, too, but quality is constantly high and it's a real pleasure to look at these pictures. I hope to be in the next one!
03/11/02 10:32
From: Yasuhiro Ueno
Tom Hoskinson's photograph is very impressive. I've had a fixed idea that westerners explain the color of the sun yellow until I saw Tom's picture. I'm looking forward to your next work, Tom.
03/08/02 11:42
From: wilhelm kaiser
I voted for Sam Shermann. His "car in red", taken with that film und "wrong"-processed - with that result: phantastic!! But I guess, this time were many great shots, very good pictures! Dear Kevin, thanks for possibility of this exhibition. -But, dear Kevin: Would it not be better the possibility to give a vote for a picture, and not for the maker? What thinks the forum about that? Wilhelm
03/05/02 11:09
From: Michel Zayet
Superb shot and good interpretation. You could say "they see red", as well.
03/04/02 04:38
From: Kevin Ing
Welcome to the fourth Themed Online Photo Exhibit! We've got some nice photos with vibrant color and even an interpretation of Red in black and white. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I have! (^-^)
03/03/02 03:11

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