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From: Maxim
I believe I should have put my name in the field "Name" but since everybody doing diffrently I just follow them. Maxim, This is a great job! A very dramatic shoot. Completly outperforming all the others. You might get even better results if you scan the negative directly by Epson 2450. Regards, Arkady
03/26/03 18:53
From: Thomas Seifert
Wilhelm Kaiser. Danke fE das Urteil. So kalt war nun wirklich nicht, nur - 12 Grad Celsius. Da, wo Evgenia geboren ist, etwas östlich vom Ural-Gebirge hat es jetzt gut - 40 Grad Celsius. So ist halt alles relativ.
01/28/03 05:52
From: Maxim
Wow Maxim!!!! Great job.....just a stunning photograph! May I ask where the photograph was taken? Keep up the good work! Best Regards, Mike Steele
01/25/03 19:26
From: Wilhelm Kaiser
Thomas Seifert - alter Sadist, Deine wunderschöne Verlobte bei einer solchen Sch...kälte in die Landschaft zu stellen.......... Wunderschönes Bild, schönes Modell, gute Bildidee, gut gemacht! Nix fE ungut! Wilhelm Kaiser Sorry for all not-German-speakers!
01/20/03 11:24
From: Darka
Miha! Ni bilo težko narediti dobre fotografije! Saj je Filip fant od fare!
01/20/03 02:22

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