Kiev / Pentacon 6 / Exakta 66 Lens Tests

While I would love to test these lenses with a 22 megapixel medium format digital back such as the Phase One P25, that's not going to happen any time soon unless I win a major lottery or someone with such a digital back is feeling incredibly generous and donates it for the purpose of satisfying my curiosity. So my current best option was to put these lenses on my Canon EOS Kiss Digital (Japanese name for the same camera as the 300D and Digital Rebel) via a Pentacon 6 to Canon EOS lens mount adapter.

The camera was mounted to a large Gitzo tripod with a Graf Studioball head and a Wimberley Arca-Swiss style clamp. The tripod was always resting on cement or asphalt, so the footing was nice and secure. I used a cable release and mirror lock up (via the hacked firmware) and only touched the camera to change lenses and adjust the exposure settings. All images were shot in RAW mode. The RAW files were then converted to 8-bit TIFF images.

The TIFF images were then opened in Photoshop and cropped. All the "bokeh" example images were resized down 3:1, but the sharpness example images are actual 100% sections. No sharpening or color correction was performed since I wanted to also show the color balance of each lens. Finally, the images were saved in JPEG format for web presentation.

Schneider-Kreuznach 80mm F2.8 Xenotar on a Canon EOS Kiss Digital

6x6 film compared to the Canon APS-sized CMOS sensor The Canon has a 6 megapixel CMOS sensor measuring 22.7 x 15.1mm and produces an image that is 3072 x 2048 pixels, meaning that there are about 3440 pixels per inch on the sensor.

Of course the Canon CMOS sensor is APS-sized so the captured images only represent the central part of the lenses' image circle. But since the center is usually the sharpest area of the image, this test should theoretically give you an idea of the best that these lenses are capable of.

And now, on to the tests!

Please choose a lens category:

80mm - 90mm "Normal" range

45mm - 65mm Wide Angle range

150mm - 180mm Mid-Telephoto range