Some Kiev Truths
By Kevin Ing

  • It will break.

  • "Perfect" isn't. "Mint" tastes more like "lemon".

  • Just when you thought you fixed the last problem, a new one will appear.

  • The next auction for an item like the one you just "won" will close $75 lower than what you paid.

  • The mailman will come when you're not home, and only your spouse will be there to receive yet another box from Atlanta, Los Angeles, or Eastern Europe.

  • Your new lens will not mount on the camera properly.

  • Your new camera body will have more problems than your old one.

  • The next guy's Kiev works fine while yours is always "reliability challenged".

  • Your important shot will come out blurry while Uncle Ed's shot from an APS camera will be sharp.

  • The only people who appreciate your "investment" in Kiev gear are your online friends who are also Kievaholics.

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    May 23, 2001
    Copyright © 2001 - Kevin Ing