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Dr. Adam R. Bujak "Reggie, I CAUGHT YOU - Lexi" (167KB)
Because some people said in the Kiev Forum that Kiev camera is a poor choice for Wedding Photography, and since I have four different MF systems, I decided to use Kievs 60 and 88 modified by Hartblei at my daughter's wedding. My confidence in properly functioning Kievs has not diminished. Up-graded Kievs are capable of outsanding results.
Braun F900 flash systems and Kodak PORTRA 160 VC and NC films in size 120 and 220
Here is the story behind these two images: I have asked my daughter Lexi, "Can you show us, that you caught this man as your husband?" To demonstrate this, she used her veil(image one). Reggie responded, "No, I caught You, Lexi". Lexi's answer was, "Did You Really?" (image two). I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN, as do our friends looking at our 500+ wedding images.
Braun F900 flash systems and Kodak PORTRA 160 VC and NC films in size 120 and 220
Paolo Cavazza How much to closing time? (121KB)
Tired and bored, the young ladies in this extemporary box-office were waiting for closing time at the photographic equipment show in Castel San Giovanni, Northern Italy, on 9 September 2001. Among all the people who was walking around with cameras of every kind, they took no account of my Kiev 88, allowing me to take this candid shot on medium format.
Kiev 88 with Arsat 80mm, 1/125s at f/8 on Fuji Provia 100F. Sunlight through windows.
Leonard Flanagan Girl With Flag (1) (131KB)
Photographed a week and a day before the September 11 atrocities in NY and DC as my daughter played with a flag from the flowerbed, left there since the 4th of July. Spooky.
Locale: September 3, 2001, approx. 4PM, clear day at approx. 48th parallel, west coast of USA. Light: Evening sun, open shade. Lens: Kaleinar 150mm (86XXXX). Camera: Kiev 60TTL (93XXXX, modified w/ MLU Hack, internal flocking, foam door seals and brown exterior leatherette). Hand-held. Aperture: Probably f4. Speed: Pobably 1/60 or 1/125. Meter: TTL. Flash: None (obviously). Film: Kodak 400VC (Color negative, 400 ASA, at 400 EI). Scanner: Acer 1240 UT flatbed. Manipulation: Adjusted for color balance and digitally sharpened in Photoshop.
Girl With Flag (2) (124KB)
(same as previous photo)
Mauro Gallinari Untitled (149KB)
Camera usata KIEV 88 con 80mm tempo di esposizione 1/250 f 11
Kevin Ing Victory! (90KB)
School festival, Japan. In this game, students form four-man pyramids and the ones on top strive to pull each other's headband off. The boy in the center has just pulled the headband off the boy in front of him.
Kiev 4AM, 85mm Jupiter 9. Ilford XP-2 1/125 F5.6
Relay Runner (75KB)
School festival, Japan. I found that shooting action with a rangefinder is not so easy! I could only pre-focus and wait until my subject came into the right position, squeeze the shutter release, and hope for the best.
Kiev 4AM, 85mm Jupiter 9. Ilford XP-2 1/125 F5.6
Perry Tourtellotte Kazak Hospitality (82KB)
Kiev Mir 20mm lens inside Kazak yurt in Kazakstan.
Tien Shan (186KB)
Kiev 6 and 65mm lens. Alma Ata Kazakstan. March 1999
Nobuyuki Watanabe Tokyo Sinjyuku (1) (57KB)
Kiev 5, Jupiter-8NB
Tokyo Sinjyuku (2) (54KB)
Kiev 5, Jupiter-8NB
Shuichi Yoshino My Sister (71KB)
Kiev 6c CZJ Biometar 120/2.8 with Flashlight f5.6 1/30 Ilford HP5plus
Michel Zayet An Only Human Scene (50KB)
Kiev 88, 45mm. Portra 400

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