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Markus Czekalla Love1 (107KB)
I took this picture in 1998 during the Loveparade in Berlin. It was really a special moment to be surrounded by 1 Million ravers with my old Pentacon Six with the 30 mm Zodiak on it. I used a wlf, held the camera over my head (I'm 1.96 m tall) and looked up into the finder. The people were packed like sardines and the music was as loud as a starting jet. But it was big fun - plenty of peace- and helpful people having a big party in Berlin. I think the picture speaks for itself.
Mauro Gallinari FUOCHI (45KB)
Kiev 88, 80mm Arsat. Fuji Provia 400F 4 sec. at f11.
Kiev 88, 80mm Arsat. Fuji Provia 400F 1/60 sec. at f11.
Kevin Ing A Special Letter (94KB)
Paolo gave me the idea for this shot. Receiving this letter from Arsenal's Mr. Borysyuk was truly a Special Moment for me, and perhaps a lot of other Kiev users as well.
Kiev 88CM, 150mm Kaleinar, 30mm extension tube. 4 seconds at F11 on Fuji Provia 100.
Chuck Kotsch Special Moments To Be (27KB)
This shot just sort of happened when I was loading some backs. I was thinking about what I should shoot for "Special Moments." Later when printing my proofs, this looked nice to me, A Special Moment. A fresh roll of film is always special to me.
Kiev 88 CM, Vega 120 with 40mm of extension tube. 1/2 sec. at f 4 on Kodak Plus-X.
Steve Levit Forest Outside Of Brussels (94KB)
Kiev 88CM. Fuji film.
Moat Around Castle (60KB)
Kiev 88CM. Fuji film.
Joe Shupienis Year's End (97KB)
As the sun sets on 2001, we remember all the events of the past year, and old friends we will never see again... Part of my "Almost Heaven" portfolio.
Kiev 88CM, Mir 26b f3.5/45mm, Fuji NPH, Key 86mm Polarizer, 1/30 @ f11, County Route 4 near Bruceton Mills, WV.
Michel Zayet Today's Tides (In memory of a digital camcorder) (53KB)
A sign at the entrance of Hanauma Bay Park, Hawaii, indicates sun and sea information of the day. Water temperature is not displayed on this 28th of December as it is year round in the mid-eighties Fahrenheit.
Nikomat ft2 / Mir 20 N / Kodak 200 / 1/125 second F 5.6
Lifeguard On Duty (68KB)
From sandy beach of Hanauma Bay, "Homeland" Hawaii, Kievaholic Founder, Kevin Ing and company, take watch duty to further rescue worldwide Kiev users. Mahalo!
Nikomat ft2 / Mir 20 N / Kodak 200 / 1/1000 second F 3.5

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