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Paolo Cavazza Twilight 7:45 (117KB)
Twilight 8:00 (123KB)
These pictures were shot at dusk on 24 March 2002, three days before full moon, in the Valley of Susa, Northern Italy. There are many different light sources in them: the sun afterglow, the moonlight over the landscape, stars and planets, street lamps, a red lamp on a TV transmitter. There are also slight reflections in the sky, which I touched up in the second image. Stars motion is evident in the darkening sky.
Kiev 88 with Zodiak 30mm fish-eye. 60s at f/5.6 on Fuji Provia 400F.
Sherman Dunnam Abandoned Barn Interior (63KB)
The barn doors were chained shut but opened enough to stick my lens through to frame the image. The light coming through the windows made the interior seem to glow. I used the prism for focusing but metered with my Sekonic L508.
Kiev 88CM/Arsat 80mm. TMax 100. F11 @ 1/30 second, I think. :-)
Mauro Gallinari Light (331KB)
Kiev 88, 80mm Arsat. Fuji Provia 400F, at f11.
Pentti Hakkarainen Early Spring (127KB)
Kiev88 TTL / Arsat 2.8/80mm / Kodak E100 VS / 1/125 second f:16
Hans Hockx See the light! (17KB)
If the theme is light, than that's what you get with this picture. Light only ;-)
Kiev 60 with Arsat Volna 80mm lens on Ilford HP5 Plus 400 film. Original print on Ilford Multigrade IV RC de Luxe paper (Image has been scanned from print).
The photographer, a film and some light (17KB)
A little experiment that gives a combination of photography and a photogram. There is a negative in the enlarger with a picture of myself with my Kiev 60. The film (yes I know, it's a 35mm film...) is right on top of a sheet of AGFA Multicontrast Premium photograhic paper.
Kiev 60 with Arsat Volna 80mm lens on Ilford HP5 Plus 400 film. Original print on Agfa Multicontrast Premium paper (Image has been scanned from print).
Kevin Ing Moonlight and Cherry Blossoms (123KB)
Every year the Japanese celebrate the coming of Spring by holding festive parties under the moonlight and delicate cherry blossoms. This event is called hanami.
Kiev 88CM, 50mm MC Flektogon. 60 seconds at F11 on Fuji Provia 100.
Color adjusted in Photoshop to compensate for the tungsten lights on daylight balanced film.
Steve Kompier Lander 2 (170KB)
This lifeguard tower reminded me of the NASA pictures of the Lunar Lander with the strong side light from nearby street lights. This was taken at night.
Kiev 88 w/Arsat 80mm. 3 mins. @ F11 Agfapan APX100, Developed in Ilfosol-S for 8 mins.
Mormon Temple, San Diego, CA. USA (124KB)
Shot at night using artificial light.
Kiev 88, Arsat 80mm. Exposure F8 @ 10 sec. Agfa APX 100
Jeff Meyer Candle and table (56KB)
I was completely amazed at how well this came out. I did shoot an entire roll, playing with the candle lit and unlit, lots of lens flare and no lens flare. Almost every shot came out great; I did try different speeds and f-stops.
Kiev 88CM, Mir-26 45mm. 1/8 second, f/stop 5.6, and Konica Pro160 film.
Park lamp lit by afternoon sun (66KB)
The second shot of the park light outside was done in a small public park near where I work.
Kiev 60, Arsat 80mm. 1/1000 sec, f/22, and Konica pro160 film
Joe Shupienis Candlelight Vigil (194KB)
The Easter Vigil service at St. Paul Cathedral, Pittsburgh. Each year the church is darkened, and a fire is kindled, struck from flint. The Paschal Candle is lit, and from it, people light candles they are holding, passing the light from one person to another. In this photo, the only light is from those candles held by the congregation and clergy.
The exposure was 1 minute. A tiny bit of light from outside streetlights filtered through the stained glass windows but is a very minor factor. The camera was in the choir loft approximately 50 feet above the floor of the cathedral.
Alexander Skorokhod Milky Way (77KB)
Ukraine, river Teteriv. Trick filter was NOT used - the asterisk effect is reached by f22.
Kiev88 and Arsat 80 on Agfa APX 25.
The pussy-willow (114KB)
Hartblei VRN Kiev88 Studio Master with Vega-28 and 48mm extension tube. Fuji Provia 100F
Michel Zayet Spiritual Enlightment I [view from groundfloor] (60KB)
Renovation of Karlskirche cupola frescoes in Vienna, Austria.
Nikomat ft2 / Helios 50mm / Kodak 200 / 1/30 second F 5.6
Spiritual Enlightment II [fresco detail] (51KB)
Renovation of Karlskirche cupola frescoes in Vienna, Austria.
Nikomat ft2 / Helios 50mm / Kodak 200 / 1/15 second F 5.6

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