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Eylmer Bartolome Fifty Years - Mr. and Mrs. Bartolome (33KB)
Taken the morning of my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.
Kiev 88, 80mm Volna..1/125 sec f11
Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana (53KB)
Oak Alley Plantation is located in Vacherie, Louisiana and was built in 1839. The 1/4-mile long row of live oaks lining the front of the plantation, for which it is famous for, are about 300 years old.
Kiev 88, 65mm Mir3B. 1/500 sec f22
Pentti Hakkarainen Stone wall (144KB)
Kiev88 TTL / Arsat 2.8/80mm / Film Kodak E100VS / 1/60 second f:11
General grave (139KB)
Kiev88 TTL / Arsat 2.8/80mm / Film Kodak E100VS / 1/60 second f:8
Hans Hockx Fortress (114KB)
One of a series of pictures taken from the old fortress of the old defence line of Amsterdam. This picture features "Fort aan de Drecht" that was built around the year 1900. The texture of the print was created in the darkroom, using filigrane papier to cover the negative in the enlarger. More photographs of this series can be found on my website at
Kiev 60 with Arsat Mir 65mm lens on Ilford FP4 Plus. Scanned from original print on Agfa Multicontrast Premium paper.
AfterParty (82KB)
When you do your own developping of 120 films and you don't dump your used reels in the waistbasket you soon grow a large collection of these thingies. Here's one example of how these old reels can be used creativly ;-)
Kiev 60 with Arsat Vega 120mm lens on Kodak Tri-X 400 film. Scanned from original print on Amaloco VariProf Extra paper.
Wilhelm Kaiser Dying Poppy (24KB)
I wanted to show the morbid charme of dying poppy before the red and grey leaves fall down.
Kiev-4, Jupiter 11 [4/135mm], f: 8-11/250sec., Agfacolor 100.
Windows (59KB)
A very old window-part of a very old house on the areal of a rather old monastery, which is the former centre of my home-town.
Kiev-4, Jupiter 8M [2/50], f:5,6-8/250sec., Agfacolor 100.
Mike Katona Untitled (119KB)
Photograph taken 4 July, 02 Halfway, OR. 7:00PM PST.
Kiev 88CM normal lens (80mm) tripod mounted, cable release. Exposure f11 1/15 Arista 400 rated at 320 developed in HC110 "B" printed on Arista RC MC pearl surface #1 filter Developed in Dektol 1:3
Steve Kompier Siblings Eternal (200KB)
Kiev 88, Arsat 80mm. Agfa APX 100
Jeff Meyer Old wood fence (110KB)
The "old wood fence" happens to just be what was left of my old fence just before it was hauled off to the dumpster. I took the picture using a 88cm with a Kaleinar 3 150 lens. I set the lens at f8 and the shutter at 1/125 with an afternoon overcast. I like the effect of using the 150 lens to help focus the viewer's eyes on some parts of the older wood, yet still fill the frame with all of the old wood.
Downtown show (139KB)
The "downtown show" pic is from a show here in Rialto called "Run Whatcha Brung". This show is for old cars, so this shot is of some old cars, including my old 1971 Camaro, and some old trees on the old town area of Rialto. I took this picture using my 88cm with a zebra Flektogon 50 mm lens set at f11 and the shutter set at 1/250. Both shots were taken using Konica 160 film.
Sam Sherman Kent Taylor - Screen actor (37KB)
I took this in 1974 on the set of a film I was producing in Hollywood. Kent Taylor was a film star from the 1930's on at Paramount Pictures, to TV (BOSTON BLACKIE, THE ROUGH RIDERS). He passed away shortly after this photo was taken and it was his last film appearance.
Shot on Praktisix II with normal 80MM Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar (type 1) on original Agfachrome (100) transparency film. Exposure approx. f5.6 at 1/125th second. Scan from Cibachrome 8x10 of original.
Old Gas Station (60KB)
A former gas station in Central New Jersey which has piqued my interest as it looks like a gas station out of an old 1930s movie from California, with its spanish-tiled roof and old-time design.
Taken in 2001 on Kiev 88 Crank model with 150MM f3.5 Kilfitt lens. Exposure 1/250th second at f11 on later version of Agfachrome (100) - and cross-processed as negative. Scanned into Photoshop for image editing/color correction.
Michel Zayet The Danube Delta Old Cat (63KB)
This (14 year-old) cat is friend to the guards of kilometer-zero-watchtower. The Danube biosphere reserve is a wildlife paradise unique in Europe hosting over 300 species of birds as well as 45 freshwater fish species... One can imagine his life.
Kiev 88 CM / 80mm / Kodak 160NC / 1/60 second F 8
The Samovars Couple (48KB)
The Andreevsky Spusk or St. Andrew Descent is sometimes referred to as the Kiev "Montmartre". Numerous artists hang pictures on the walls of the houses and people buy souvenirs. In the snow of last January I spotted this couple of samovars for sale.
Kiev 88 CM / 120mm / Kodak 160NC / 1/60 second F 4

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